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PicRights Europe GmbH is headquartered in Switzerland with enforcement operations and professional compliance officers in central and northern Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Benelux and Scandinavia), Bergamo (Italy), London (for UK and Ireland), Toronto (for USA and Canada), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Hyderabad (India) and Johannesburg (South Africa).

With their end-to-end service, PicRights handles the difficult business of monetizing copyright infringements around the world, allowing copyright owners to concentrate on their core business. Using state-of-the-art technology to identify infringements and a team of experienced staff to qualify them as enforceable, PicRights delivers actionable cases to the appropriate enforcement unit for settlement and collection of fees for the unlicensed uses.



Cowan DeBaets Abrahams & Sheppard LLP is a leading entertainment and media law firm, with offices in New York and Beverly Hills. Known for providing innovative legal counseling arising from the convergence of media and technology, CDAS’ clients range from individual creators to media and technology  corporations, industry trade associations and non-profit organizations.  CDAS’ practice areas includes transactional and corporate matters, litigation, intellectual property advice and pre-publication review,  for clients in connection with feature films, documentaries, cable and broadcast television, streaming media, podcasting, gaming, theatre, music, publishing, dance, photography, visual arts, fashion, software, advertising, licensing, apps  and digital technologies.


COPYTRACK - secure your rights and another source of income

In recent years, COPYTRACK has established itself as THE global service provider for online image search and copyright enforcement.

The use of our service is free of charge and risk for our customers – a commission is only charged in case of success.

Our specially developed high-performance crawler and the associated Image Matching AI deliver massive and above all extremely accurate results.

This and a multitude of intelligent filters make your work with COPYTRACK efficient and you focus on cases with high chances of success.

COPYTRACK and its partner CONCENSUM also offer interesting solutions in the area of global copyright registration. Here there is no solution worldwide except a few national copyright registers. However, digital images are not a national but a global issue. This is why CONCENSUM, the blockchain based Global Copyright Register is a perfect solution.

Our team will support you at every point of the process to achieve a high success rate and ultimately help you to obtain your rights.



Phone: +49-30-809332910


PICSEL is a not-for-profit, visual arts collecting society (CMO) created and run by visual artists and their representatives. Membership is open to all rightsholders, and entities representing rightsholders.

We were formed in 2016 under the terms of the CRM Directive which was adopted into UK Law in April 2016. For the first time rightsholders were given the choice over which CMO they wanted to manage their rights in collective licensing agreements.

There are no levies in the UK, and all licenses are voluntary, but there is still over £6m available to visual artists and their representatives annually.

PICSEL has embraced the data driven model implemented by the UK licensing body, the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA). This successful working model is the basis of PICSEL’s proposal for implementation of Article 17 of the Copyright Directive.

The data model has seen record levels of remuneration to visual artists in the UK, where revenue follows rights by matching rightsholders licensed repertoire to incidents of copying by licensees.

This model is an evolving one, as technology makes matching easier, and rightsholders data becomes more accurate. We also see licensing of platforms as a process of evolution with technology, platforms and rightsholders coming together to create a workable solution.

We believe the technology and data is readily available, and the model is already working in the UK for publications. All that remains is a cost effective, and non-punitive, implementation which we have proposed.


The Swedish Picture Suppliers Association (BLF) is the trade association for companies working in the picture industry. Our members include professional photographers and film makers, picture agencies, picture archives and news illustrators. The Association was founded in 1950 and currently has some 300 member companies.

BLF supports and protects the copyright interests of its members. We define standard, industry-wide terms and conditions of delivery. BLF acts as a consultative body for new legislative proposals on copyright-related issues and provides legal advice for our members.  BLF is a member of and supports the work of CEPIC.

PixTrakk 3000px

Track your images on the web worldwide and in the French press. Recover any owed money

A cloud service addressing the needs of photographers, illustrators and agencies.

PixTrakk, French leading service, one of the leaders in the world, is a service tracking your visuals on web sites worldwide and in the French printed press.

In the case of an unlawful usage, you can contact our legal service, made up of a global network of international lawyers specialized in copyrights.

PixTrakk prevents you from being in the front line, avoids any administrative headaches and handles any fee collection for you.

At a glance and in just a few clicks

PixTrakk provides a user interface, which allows easily to check information on the usage of your images: copy of the printed page or of the website, URL, page number, dates, screen capture…

You receive an alert via email so you can control if it is being legally used.

You can also supply our lawyers with any unlawful usage of one or several of your images that you may have previously spotted.

More info on the website PixTrakk.