SugandhaDubey – INDIA-SIBSA -testimonial

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CEPIC Centre of the Picture Industry , an organisation dedicated to Stock Photography, photographer rights globally, copyright & IP norms was founded in 1993 in Berlin. I represented India and my passion to the most dedicated photography industry event after being in this business for over 6 years now. 

Being my first, I was more of a quiet observer. I had so much to soak in. I must say I was totally overwhelmed to experience the passion of the 500 plus industry veterans who participated. It was humbling to meet the board of CEPIC and attend my first ever CEPIC board meeting as a member. The energy was so contagious. 


There is a lot of effort that goes into organising such events of a considerable scale, consistently, while we all have our respective business to attend to. 

I was fortunate to be selected to make a Pitch Presentation for the 1st time at Cepic, Warsaw Poland, representing my country India and its potential to aspire to be a force that will impact the industry globally. Delighted to open a 1.28 billion market and represent the content of various global stock business here. A fantastic opportunity for the business. 

I made friends for life Ross MacRae, Stephan Rafferty, Alan Capel ,Veneta Bullen, Sarah Lane & Rosanne Larsen. This image is taken just 10 minutes before I made my presentation. 

With me are Sylvie Fodor the Executive Director of Cepic, Veneta, Tony Burle from Shutterstock and Malik Pradhan from Bing. SIBSA Digital Pvt. Ltd. ( ) Stock Image Bank – Image Bank of India 

Special thank you to Alfonso to spearhead this organisation & Jim Pickerell for taking the time out to sit through my presentation. Not to miss Carlos, Diana & Thomas who worked tirelessly to ensure the event was seamless.