Thomas Bakker: Speaker of the CEPIC Enforcement Webinar

Thomas Bakker resized

Thomas Bakker is a Dutch music and sports fanatic. While growing up near Eindhoven he developed a skillset for both photo productions and software development. At the Age of 14 he decided to fully focus on becoming a photographer. Now, 11 years later, he is a full-time freelance photographer working for a variety of clients in The Netherlands.

After he got his college degree on photography, he initiated a post licensing system for Pro Shots photo agency. As the new kid on the block, putting his software and photography skills together with his knowledge of copyright, he begun one of his first big projects. Thomas advised Pro Shots to start a partnership with Copytrack and suggested he would be the guy to manage it. This was early 2019.

Today Pro Shots and their photographers all benefit from this system, fighting copyright infringements around the world, subsequently getting paid from the claims following. Indeed, Thomas took the lead in a tremendous effort to protect the photographer’s copyright and scale up the post licensing income for both agency and photographers.

Thomas Bakker will speak at the CEPIC Enforcement Webinar: Best Practices in Post-Licensing on 4 March.