Three new board members at BVPA.

The members of the BVPA have voted. On Wednesday the assembly chose three new faces for the board: Torsten Hoch (CEO at Axel Springer, is now in charge of the finances), Gerhard Bauer (Page Seven Images) will from now on take care of the communication and media strategy at BVPA, last but not least Sven Friedrich (CEO at cpa Copyright-Alliance) as a provider of legal services will devote his expertise in this area.

These three new faces will now lead BVPA together with Hella Schmidt (BVPA-Chairman/ DIZ Munich/Sz-Photo) and Dirk Sendel (Photo Agency jump). With its new members BVPA will provide continuity to its new strategical approach. After a unified BVPA-Corporate Identity was established and the BVPA publications were designed in a new way, the board is planning to keep walking the same path by modernizing the supply optically as well as by shaping the content through innovative input.


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