Visual Connections for Sale

After ten years running Visual Connections LLC, co-owners Deborah Free and Edward Leigh have decided to make the company available for acquisition.

Visual Connections runs a unique format of expo for users of visual media to meet stock agencies, artist reps, production companies, clearance and other service providers; to learn about the business of sourcing and using visual media; and to network. In addition to the annual fall expo in New York, Visual Connections has staged expos in Chicago, Boston and Toronto, and has also managed ACSIL footage expos in New York.

Visual Connections also hosts the industry’s most comprehensive directory of suppliers, containing over 1,200 companies, and a database of over 10,000 buyers in North America. The back-end system is a custom-built, web-based CRM (customer relationship management) system that integrates event bookings and registrations, payments, mailings, and directory listings.

The owners are offering a full handover of the business as a going concern, with documentation, training and introductions to provide a smooth transfer. An acquisition within the next few months would allow the new owner to continue the event cycle in 2018.

“People are surprised to learn that two individuals can organize up to three large events a year, and have other jobs. It’s partly because of the way we have automated many complex processes around booking, registration, and compiling print directories,” says Edward Leigh.

Visual Connections has a vital role in promoting effective and legal use of photography, footage and illustration to enhance the communication of news, information, brands, products and services. Its potential client base comprises, on the one hand, professional and pro-am photographers, videographers, illustrators, their reps and agents; and, on the other, designers, publishers, producers, creative and art directors, editors and researchers.

There is enormous growth potential in North America and globally, to help content and service suppliers develop more new relationships, to educate more visual media users, and to promote talent throughout the industry.

“The Visual Connections brand, contacts, goodwill and CRM system are a powerful base from which a new owner may innovate, perhaps through an expansion of the events program, or offering new educational or marketing opportunities,” concludes Deborah Free.

The owners plan to pursue other business interests.

The prospectus for the sale of Visual Connections is available on request at or +1 585 768 7880.

Edward Leigh & Deborah Free

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