Copyright Directive: Negotiations at EU level

FROM THE CEPIC NEWSLETTER 07 September 2021 EU Copyright Directive implemented in Italy Italy has finally implemented the EU Copyright Directive three months after the deadline Read more here … (In Italian) Read more here … (in English) The EU Copyright Directive in the Digital Single Market is implemented differently in each member State. In this blog … Continued

EU: Review of the Orphan Works Directive

On 25th September we completed and submitted the online survey for the European Commission study on the review of the application of the Orphan Works Directive (OWD).

Implementation of Art.17

In September 2029 the EU Commission has entered the hot phase of the implementation of Art. 17 of the EU Copyright Directive: the so-called “stakeholder dialogue”, as foreseen by Art. Art.17-10. This section includes documentation relevant to the picture Industry.

Creativity Works

This post contains the latest available surveys on the photographic Industry.

Legal & Strategic Workshop 07.06.2019

The participants list and presentations made at the “Legal and Strategic Workshop” organised by CEPIC on 07.06.2019 are available for CEPIC members in this post.