Archived: Diversity & Inclusivity Day

Archived: Diversity & Inclusivity Day

 Up-Dated: 24.04.2023 (Conference Programme may be subject to change)

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Tuesday 9th May

Wednesday 10th May

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion in the Visual Communications Industry

8:30 18:00 H Registration – Get your Badge and Bags –  is open from 8:30 H
9:00 18:00 H Congress Opens at 9:00 H and closes at 18:00 H
      Visit Trade Partners in the Table Area  located in the GOULD Room
10:00 10:30   KEYNOTE  Hichame Assi is ENVATO’s  CEO
      Vision for the Future
Where Creativity Meets Technology and Celebrates a Brave New World
In the FITZGERALD Room, 3rd Floor
10:00 10:45 H Coffee Break
      Coffee will be served both in the GOULD Room (Table Area) and in The Espace Méditérannée on the 3rd floor
10:30 16:30 H Diversity and Inclusivity in the Imagery Eco-System
      Google is working to understand the opportunities and challenges in the D&I space across a variety of teams. CEPIC represents several entities who have similar interests, to deliver more diverse content. Therefore the CEPIC congress offers a unique opportunity to explore these challenges openly.
At last year’s CEPIC congress, we hosted a panel discussion regarding D&I efforts within the ecosystem. One of the goals of this panel was to represent the challenges in bringing more
diverse content online by showcasing the full lifecycle of an image from creation to search display, and all of the touch points in between.
This panel was well received, but we have determined that we merely scratched the surface within an hour’s time. Therefore in 2023, we decided to devote half a day to this subject-matter.
      In the FITZGERALD Room, 3rd Floor
      Anna Dickson of Google will introduce our Panel to explore today’s themes from unique perspectives
      Each presentation will be followed by a 5-10 minutes Q&A. All speakers will come together at the last session.
  • 10:30 H Hiring & Diversity 
      Speaker: Malika Kechich, Activo
  • 11:00 H Diversity & Inclusivity: The point of view of the Content Providers
      Speakers: Christina Vaughan, Cultura Creative and David Larsen, Africa Media Online
  • 11:30 H Diversity and Inclusivity : Aggregators
      Speaker: Meeckel Beecher, Shutterstock
  • 12:00 H AI Bias verse Unconscious Bias
      Speakers: Appu Shaji, Mobius Lab, Auriel Wright Product Manager at Google
12:30 14:00 H Lunch in GOULD AREA (Table Area)
14:00 15:15 H
Diversity and Inclusivity in the Imagery Eco-System (continuation and conclusion)
  • 14:00 H Diversity and Inclusivity : Ecosystem
      Speaker: Hichame Assi, Envato
  • 14:30 H – 15:15 H Diversity and Inclusivity : From Creator to Consumer – All speakers together -
      All Speakers: Meekel Beecher, Shutterstock ; Christina Vaughan, Cultura Creative ; David Larsen, Africa Media Online; Malika Kechich, Activo ; Hichame Assi, Envato ; Appu Shaji, Mobius Lab ; Auriel Wight, Google
Moderator: Anna Dickson, Google
15:15 15:45 Coffee Break in the GOULD Area and in the Espace Méditérannée, next to the Fitzerald Room
      Visit Trade Partners in the Table Area located in the GOULD Room
15:45 16:45 H DAM in Customer Experience
      Moderator: Frédéric Sanuy and Malika Kechich
Tomislav Franjic, Head of Sales International, picturemaxx
Daniele Fiasca,  Operations Director, Mondadori Media
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  18:00 H Congress Closes
  18:00 H Congress Closes