CW! Contribution to the Swedish Consultation on the Implementation of NIS2

As you may remember, CW! submitted a contribution to the Belgian consultation on the implementation of NIS2 in December 2023. This was an opportunity to reiterate our DSA position on public access to the WHOIS database. Some members have brought to our attention that Sweden was now consulting stakeholders on the same matter (until 28th May). 

  • Background 

Under the third section of the CW! DSA position paper (Making the online environment safer for users and consumers), “Creativity Works! urges EU decision makers, as part of the DSA, to confirm that the WHOIS data for both generic and European country code top-level domains will be made publicly accessible again, as it was for decades prior to May 2018“. Enhanced transparency would be an extra tool in the fight against piracy and illegal content online.

NIS2 – the revised Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems (NIS2 Directive) – is addressing this point. NIS2 was published in the EUOJ in December 2022 and Member States have until October 2024 to transpose the directive into national law.

  • Next steps 

You will find below a draft CW! answer to the Swedish consultation on the implementation of NIS2. The suggested submission is almost identical to the Belgian one while opposing.

Download CW! Answer to Swedish Consultation on the Implementation of NIS2

  • Update (27 June 2024)

The CW! submission has been successfully filed.

CW! has taken onboard all of the comments and suggestions and made some minor adjustments for consistency.

Download a copy of the final pdf submission below. 

240627_CW! White Paper – How to master Europe’s digital infrastructure.docx



The above information was shared with CEPIC by Giannis Dendrinos, Forward Global