Global Picture Industry Survey 2012

In 2012 the GSIM Research Group carried out the first ever global survey on over 2,400 image suppliers on a truly worldwide basis. With a response rate of over ten per cent, the survey covers detailed information on 250 image suppliers that commercially trade usage rights on pre-produced still (photography, illustrations etc.) and moving images (video footages).

The findings of this survey are published in a series of three reports. You can download the individual reports FREE of charge by clicking here.

  • The first report presents key economic figures on image suppliers, stock inventories and business results. For the first time, the broad empirical base of the survey is used to generate a solid estimate of true global market volume.  

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  • This report focuses on marketing practices, the composition of the value chain, divisions of labour and the global network of distribution partnerships. Moreover, it assesses the economic performance of different strat├ęgies.

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  • The final report analyzes the geographic dimension of the global stock image market. It highlights the role of central as well as more peripheral regions. 

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On behalf of its members CEPIC would like to thank the University of Heidleberg in Germany for the interest taken in our industry.