Interim measures against Google

The OIP welcomes the French Competition Authority’s decision to order interim measures against Google, and urges the European Commission to follow a similar path.

Paris, January 31, 2019 – The Open Internet Project (OIP) welcomes the French Competition Authority’s decision to take interim measures against Google, enforcing an immediate review of Google Ads rules concerning telephone enquiry services, in order to guarantee their objective, transparent and non-discriminatory application

The OIP encourages the European Commission to make use of the same judicial instrument to fight GAFA’s abuses of dominant position, as that instrument is the only effective means to promptly interrupt anti-competitive practices. 

While the main proceedings will necessarily require further investigation and time, interim measures allow for a swift response to emergency cases, when competitors suffer from abuses of dominant position. 

“Interim measures, as a judicial instrument, are adapted to the vulnerability of digital companies enduring dominant position abuses from digital giants. The OIP urges the European Commission to order similar interim measures to avoid years of proceedings for Google’s competitors, victims of practices condemned by European institutions”, declared Leonidas Kalogeropoulos, Delegate General of the OIP.