PICSEL becomes member of Copyright Licensing Agency

On the 6th of March, CLA welcomed two new members : DACS and PICSEL !

Making History

  • For the first time since its formation in 1983 the CLA has two new members.
  • PICSEL is recognised as being ‘significantly representative’
  • PICSEL and DACS will now sit on the CLA Board, with ‘Observer’ status.

Such endorsement by the CLA is an auspicious occasion for PICSEL and we are immensely proud of the recognition bestowed on our membership. The Board and Officers of PICSEL would like to thank you all for making this historic moment possible.

Mat Pfleger, CEO of the Copyright Licensing Agency, said: “We are delighted to welcome DACS and PICSEL as new members of CLA. We are pleased to now be working with two organisations that represent visual artists, demonstrating our commitment to the protection of creative works and to the fair remuneration of copyright owners.” 

To read the CLA Press release click here