500px: Working With Online Communities in Commercial Licensing



Pitch Point Presentation by 500px at the CEPIC Congress 2015:
Thursday, 4th June from 18:55 – 18:20 in the Breakout Area (Kitchen Gallery – Ground Floor)



Beyond the millions of photographers who are advocates for 500px, and beyond the hundreds of millions of page views generated from the billions of actions every month, there is the link that extends from creative to creative – from photographer to designer. 500px has seen a tremendous response to our collection because we put our passionate community front and centre, we tell their stories, we put faces to the names under the photos, and that creates an incredibly powerful connection between artists.

Our customers tell us again and again that they love to support our community. We think this is incredibly special, and something we intend to nurture.

Our community is not only the source of the images we license, but fast becoming the reason why many choose 500px. Not just for the photos, but for the people so clearly behind the images.

More information on the Pitch Point Presentations during the CEPIC Congress 2015 can be found here.