Alamy supports Google development

Alamy supports Google development team with the implementation of image rights metadata.

Alamy – the stock vector, video, and photography agency, has seen recent testing efforts by its search and SEO team recognised in a statement by Google’s development team concerning the implementation of image rights metadata within search engines.

Announcing that the “[Google] metadata framework supports parity between IPTC fields Creator, Credit, and Copyright and the fields Creator, CreditText, and CopyrightNotice” and thanked partners that included Alamy that helped in making this implementation possible.

In a development that informs search engines that a particular image can be bought on a particular search image result by displaying the licensing details, Alamy was selected as a key testing partner for this implementation due to the sheer volume of images that can be tested from their site and the development capacity of the team of experts at Alamy.

Managing Director of Alamy, Emily Shelley shared her enthusiasm at the stock agency’s involvement in the testing of this project with Google: “Licensing copyright details for imagery found online has always been a topic raised frequently in the online media and publishing world and the team at Alamy are delighted to have helped Google make this implementation of image rights metadata possible. This move will make it easier to include licensing info for publishers searching for imagery online, informing them where an image can be purchased and is a positive step forward for content creators and owners who own the commercial rights for certain images.”

The full statement from Google’s development team can be found here.