Ascribe: Where’s my stuff on the internet?


Pitch Point Presentation by ascribe at the CEPIC Congress 2015:
Friday, 5th June from 09:35 – 09:50 in the Saski Room (first floor)



The original design of the internet in the 1960’s included Ownership.  All digital artefacts would be ascribed to their creator and there would be a clear chain of transfer of digital intellectual property.  In 1989, when Tim Berners Lee rolled out the WWW – Ownership wasn’t included.  And it’s because of this that the internet today is a cesspool of stolen digital goods, rights violations and orphaned works.

Transparency is the first step to protecting and controlling the use of your stuff.  If you know where your stuff appears on the internet, then you have the ability to decide how to respond.  

ascribe is working towards this vision.  Starting with a secure, public, and online ownership registry – the SPOOL – we are cataloguing the digital artifacts of the internet, including photographs – and seeking to attribute proper ownership to the original creator or rightsholder.

ascribe is working with leading architects of the internet, legal experts in copyright and a team of world-class artificial intelligence nerds to realize the vision of retrofitting the internet with Ownership.  ascribe is building the Ownership Layer of the Internet so that we can once and for all, ensure that creators are given proper attribution and have the power to protect and control their work.


More information on the Pitch Point Presentations during the CEPIC Congress 2015 can be found here.