CEPIC announces 5 Board Members in readiness for New Board leadership and changes Post-Pandemic

1st July 2021
CEPIC announces 5 Board Members in readiness for New Board leadership and changes Post-Pandemic

Following its AGM on 29th June 2021, CEPIC are delighted to announce new members of the Board who will ensure and steward CEPIC’s transition towards a new legal entity paving the way for a much broader international organisation, new forms of membership and a new era of diversity and inclusion representing new audiences and communities. The immediate focus will be on a smooth transition period and the economic recovery of CEPIC in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic. The interim Board will consist of new President-Elect, Christina Vaughan together with a transition team of Lars Modie, Stephan Werder, Sergio Griño and Gilles Taquet.

President: Christina Vaughan (UK/ France)

Vice president: Lars Modie (Sweden/ BLF)

Treasurer: Stephan Werder (Switzerland/ SAB)

Members at large:
Sergi Griño (Spain/ AEAPAF)
Gilles Taquet (France/ SNAPIG)

CEPIC announces four new board members and a new president who will each help support the work of the non-profit organisation to reinvigorate the business and the legal standing of providers of visual media content worldwide.

Christina is the Founder and CEO of the Image Source Group, a leading international provider of premium stock and video imagery available. Christina has previously served as President between 2009 and 2013 and is warmly welcomed back given her international experience, her knowledge and understanding of CEPIC, EU lobbying and her global network.  With over 2 decades of experience in the industry and having also worked in the music licensing industry, Christina combines wisdom and experience with fresh energy and an ability to reach out to new audiences and international partners.  Image Source is long time member of BAPLA, UK, and a member of honour of SNAPIG, France.

“I am deeply honoured to take up the role of President of the new CEPIC 2.0 to prepare the organisation and the industry for a new era of growth and prosperity after this challenging time with the Pandemic. There is an amazing opportunity to learn lessons from this period, to embrace new technology and new ways of doing business, to build on our strong sense of community and to look forward to the future with confidence and boldness, welcoming new members, new audiences and fresh perspectives. Visual Media has never been so important as it is today and I aim to build a strong bridge to the future for all our members, trade organisations and everyone who believes in the power of imagery. The future is now and we are ready to embrace her with arms wide open”.

New Board members are Lars Modie, Sweden, and Sergi Grino who have served on the Board since 2013 and 2017 respectively. Both have extensive experience in the industry and with trade associations and are regular attendees of the CEPIC Congress. Interim Treasurer is Stephan Werder, Switzerland who has been on the CEPIC Board since 2017. New to the CEPIC Board is Gilles Taquet, from France, owner of Photononstop, President of Roger-Viollet and Secretary General of SNAPIG.

We have all been hit hard by the COVID pandemic but nevertheless this challenging period has shown the importance and value of an organisation like CEPIC serving the industry, providing information and education, coordinating activities between various stakeholders, organising an international meetings and serving as a voice and authority on key issues relating to the protection of online content and new ways to monetise and develop visual media businesses across all sectors from Cultura, Heritage, Archive, News, Sports and Commercial licensing as well as engaging with global platforms such as Google and Facebook.

This Board will serve as interim Board guiding CEPIC from its present form as a European Economic Interest Group to an ISBL, registered in Brussels and evolving a plan for economic recovery of the international association. Following the ISBL registration, a new election will be called to confirm and consolidate Board members in their position and to accept new Board members in accordance with the new rules. Christina will officially take up the role as new President from September 2021.




For more information, contact CEPIC at cepic@cepic.org