CEPIC Enforcement Webinar 2 on 20 April

The Subtleties of Legal Enforcement – Copyright enforcement in the USA v. Europe

As a follow up to our Enforcement webinar of 5th March, CEPIC will be looking at copyright enforcement across territories. The webinar is sponsored by Higbee & Associates.

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This webinar addresses the practical concerns of image rights holders – picture agencies and individual photographers – who wish to enforce their rights in the USA. Is it possible for European rightholders to enforce their rights in the USA and how? Do you need a lawyer – or not? What are the costs? What are the benefits? When is it necessary to register your images at the US Copyright Office? How are Americans affected by European enforcement rules? The webinar addresses concerns of all rights holders on both sides of the Atlantic.


Dennis Wetzig, CEO of PIXRAY will present the point of view of European copyright owners. Attorneys Naomi Sarega and Ryan Carreon will provide insights into the subleties of the US copyright enforcement landscape.

Dennis says: “The US is the world’s biggest economy. European rights owners frequently hear about damage claims in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. So it is natural to think of the US as a very lucrative market for copyright enforcement business models. This view is justified – but the barriers to fully exploit the US market’s potential are high and need to be dealt with in a smart way.”

As per CEPIC’s usual webinar format, there will be a half hour panel presentation followed by another half hour of questions and feedback from participants. CEPIC’s webinars are interactive and allow participants to network virtually.

FORMAT: Zoom features

DATE: 20 April 17 H – 18 H CET

ADMISSION: 16.45 H – Overtime possible until 18.15 H CET


CEPIC member fee: 29, – € with promo code

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Non CEPIC members: 49, – €

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