CEPIC Rights Webinar on 25 May

The state of the E-Union: Where do we stand with the implementation of Article 17?

The EU directive on copyright in the digital single market aiming at leveraging the position of rightsholders and remunerating them for the use of their creative content online was adopted in March 2019 after intense lobbying and an up-hill battle for the creative industry. EU Member States have until the 7th of June 2021 to implement its provisions into their national laws. How good is the state of implementation? How good the prospects for visual rights holders?

We will have a special focus on Germany and on the influence of collecting management societies.


Sylvie Fodor, CEPIC Executive Director

Jonathan Lockwood, Corporate Counsel at Getty Images

Florian Koempel, International Copyright Consultant, British Copyright Council

Moderator: Paul Melcher, Managing Director, MelcherSystem Consulting 

As per CEPIC’s usual webinar format, there will be a half hour panel presentation followed by another half hour of questions and feedback from participants. CEPIC’s webinars are interactive and allow participants to network virtually.

FORMAT: Zoom features

DATE: 25 May 17 H – 18 H CET

ADMISSION: 16.45 H – Overtime possible until 18.15 H CET


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