CEPIC Sands With Ukraine

Dear CEPIC members and friends of CEPIC

It is with awe and great sadness that we are following the events presently unfolding in Ukraine and therefore stand in solidarity with Ukraine and Ukrainian people.

CEPIC is a global community of like-minded professionals, that work together and support each other by exchanging knowledge and information. Our membership comprises general stock and news agencies. We have members and Congress delegates both from Ukraine and from Russia.

Our thoughts at this moment are with these members and delegates, their staff, family members and friends who are directly affected by the conflict.

Nevertheless, we would like to stress that we completely reject the use of violence and therefore stand in solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in a conflict that could be resolved with peaceful means.

We hope that the freedom of information will be respected as, in wartimes, the truthfulness of information is of utmost important and may contribute to save lives. This means that the work of photographers should not be hampered, and their security should be safeguarded.

The Board of CEPIC