Dreamstime adds unlimited freemium plan and contributor sponsorship feature.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Dreamstime, the world’s largest stock photo community, with 200 Million premium stock photos online to date, launched an unlimited freemium plan and opened up new revenue streams for contributors. In its efforts to empower its content users and creators alike, the agency added a download-reward mechanism that allows designers to source resonant imagery for free and optionally sponsor contributors motivating them to create superior content further.

Dreamstime’s free collection renews daily and currently features 3.2 million curated files, model released and suitable for commercial usage under Dreamstime’s own Limited Royalty free license RF-LL. The newly added features enhance the previous free content access policy, offering content users more options to freely license imagery, upgrade to commercial plans, or sponsor contributors whose work they download.

Dreamstimes free content can now be accessed free of charge or with an unlimited subscription of only $4.99, justified by the high download demand and popularity of the free section. The flat rate plan allows active subscribers to download as many files as they wish and enjoy a lifetime commercial license. Subscribers can upgrade to any commercial plan and access Dreamstime’s premium collection by paying only the price difference. 

The post-download contribution remains completely optional for downloaders. Amounts donated so far average $5 to $10, exceeding some of Dreamstime’s commercial per-image rates, but custom donations can range between $1 and $1,000. Donations go entirely to contributors; the agency retains no commission.

“We’re building on existing models and looking for new means of connecting creative communities. Right now, we’re sourcing free content from almost 1 Million contributors worldwide, catering it to 45 million users, and this free content is getting better by the day. Downloading a fantastic image for free is an opportunity for small businesses and a treat for big-budget companies. Because there is a huge demand for high-quality content to remain largely affordable or free, Dreamstime’s new features facilitate free access and offer alternative means of rewarding creative efforts. This ensures we keep our promise that free remains free and for all,” says Serban Enache, Dreamstime’s CEO.