Keynotes from CEPIC Congress 2024

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We are excited to share the two keynote talks exclusively with CEPIC members. Gain insights from industry leaders on the future of visual content and the impact of AI and innovation in our field.

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Craig Peters, CEO of Getty Images – Interview with Emily Shelley, CEO of Alamy and President of CEPIC

Here’s your chance to rewatch the insightful conversation that took place at this year’s congress between Craig Peters, CEO of Getty Images, and Emily Shelley, CEO of Alamy and President of CEPIC. This keynote covers the latest trends in the visual content industry, the impact of AI on image licensing, and the future of stock photography. Watch the keynote


Franck Bardol – Innovation and Adaptation: The Future of Visual Content

Review our second keynote with Franck Bardol, a renowned expert in visual content strategy, who explores the future of the visual content industry through the lens of innovation and adaptation. With extensive experience in leading creative projects and navigating the rapidly changing digital landscape, Bardol shares valuable insights on how companies can stay ahead of trends, embrace technological advancements, and continuously evolve to meet market demands. Watch the keynote


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