LAMARK: Persistent and Secure Metadata for Digital Images



Pitch Point Presentation by LAMARK at the CEPIC Congress 2015:
Saturday, 6th June from 10:05 – 10:20 in the Belweder Room (first floor)


In recent years, the number of pictures viewed, shared, modified and published has increased massively both in digital and printed media. In such a context, enabling creators and rightsholders to be properly credited and remunerated is more and more challenging. Currently, efforts are being made to allow editors and end-users to get better information about the image simply and in particular to identify its rightsholders for licensing or to purchase by-products.

In this talk, we will review the current tools to reach this goal and give the pros and cons of the corresponding technologies. We will then present what we have built at LAMARK to ensure a simple and persistant link to access and enrich picture metadata through Web and Print.

LAMARK is a French company awarded BPI MESR* and supported by INRIA*. For more information visit

*BPI  MESR: French Public Investment Bank and French Ministry of Research.

*INRIA: French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control.


More information on the Pitch Point Presentations during the CEPIC Congress 2015 can be found here.