Mats Lindberg, Speaker of the CEPIC Licensing Webinar

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Mats Lindberg is the former CEO Bildupphovsrätt i Sverige, Visual Copyright Society in Sweden (BUS), left on 30 Sept 2020 and now senior adviser and consultant.

BUS (Bildupphovsrätt i Sverig), the visual artists collecting society in Sweden. He was one of the founders of the organisation in 1989 and held the position since then. BUS represent all visual authors – photographers, illustrators, designers and fine artists.

Mats represents the visual artists and illustrators on the Boards of Directors of both Bonus Copyright Access (RRO in Sweden) and earlier on the board of Copyswede (Cable TV and Private Copy collection society) . He is now 1st vice President of Bonus CA. Mats’ educational background is in economics and he is a graduate of Stockholm University.

Mats was on the IFRRO board from 1997–1998 and 2006-2014) and on the CISAC board 2007-2013 and 2016-2020. Mats was one of the founders of International Authors Forum.

Mats is an expert in collective management and authors rights.

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