Motion Imagery: A New Content Option for Stock Consumers – Come Alive Images

“Jukebox” created by Kostas Agiannitis
“Jukebox” created by Kostas Agiannitis

Pitch Point Presentation by Come Alive Images at the CEPIC Congress 2015:
Friday, 5th June from 16:10-16:25 in the Breakout Area (Kitchen Gallery – Ground Floor)

With longer engagement times than traditional still photos, moving images can increase your client’s online rankings and sales. Principals from Come Alive Images Jerry Tavin and Joe Panker explain the attraction and opportunity of motion images. As the first stock agency to license these wonderfully modern and compelling images exclusively, Joe and Jerry will discuss the different flavors of motion imagery including cinemagraphs, full motion GIFs, looping illustrations, 3D stereo images and more. They’ll also highlight how motion images are being used in advertising, corporate and editorial markets and how simple motion images are to work with.

More information on the Pitch Point Presentations during the CEPIC Congress 2015 can be found here.