On the path to build trust in online content

Fake media has been making frequent headlines. The battlefield is fairly broad. Readers wanting to get familiar with the subject are faced with numerous initiatives started by publishers, news media, and technology companies.


Organizations such as The Trust Project, Reporters Without Borders, Journalism Trust Initiative, and Credibility Coalition focus on organizational and procedural trust through disclosure and transparency. IPTC is working with these and other organizations to create a standard for expressing trust and credibility information.

In 2019, the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) was launched by BBC and its partners.  The Trusted News Initiative brought together major technology companies and publishers. Project Origin was announced shortly afterwards.  Project Origin is a collaboration between BBC, CBC, Microsoft, and NYT.

The New York Times (NYT) independently introduced the News Provenance Project; Adobe, NYT, and Twitter started the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI); and Microsoft independently  proposed AMP: Authenticity of Media by Provenance. 


Earlier this year some of the organizations joined forces to form the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA).


C2PA unifies the efforts of the Adobe-led Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) which focuses on systems to provide context and history for digital media, and Project Origin, a Microsoft- and BBC-led initiative that tackles disinformation in the digital news ecosystem.”


C2PA has become the leading technology organization working to establish standards for content provenance. Earlier this month C2PA published a draft specification for community review and feedback.


CEPIC has always been a strong advocate of technological solutions. CEPIC has been an active member of IPTC since 2005, it has been part of EU projects such as RDI. Last but not least CEPIC prompted the development of Licensable Badge in Google Images – making licensable images and the means to acquire those easily discoverable. Technology is essential to combat fake news. CEPIC warmly welcomes standards being developed therefor.


A webinar on “Fighting Fake News as a Business Model” featuring success stories in this field as well as the latest technology publications is scheduled September 21st at 17.00 H CET. Stay tuned!