Open Internet Project Press Conference: “A New Fight”

Paris, March 8th, 2017 – As the European Commission still hasn’t ended the procedure opened in April 2010 against Google’s price comparison (Google “Shopping”), the OIP extended its complaint to Google’s Android exploitation system.

The OIP welcomed 20 new members from ICOMP. It is the first Pan-european organisation fighting against Google’s abuses. 


Michael Weber, CEO of Hot-Map and ICOMP (right) and Eric Léandri, CEO of Qwant (left) are the two co-Chief Executive Officer of the OIP.

On March 7th The Open Internet Project held a press conference to

  • announce the deposition of a new complaint to the European Commission,
  • present its analysis of Google’s reply to the European Commission in the ‘comparison shopping’ search service case,
  • explain its demand of regulatory reform to facilitate European Commission interim measures in competition cases,
  • announce an exciting fundamental new development at the Open Internet Project,

The OIP pressed charge against Google’s exploitation system and its Android apps. They expressed concern over its abuse of a dominant position by imposing restrictions to manufacturers of Android smartphones and tablets. Google requires manufacturer to pre-install its suite of apps and service and to pre-set Google search as default search engine.

This anti-competitive practice re-nforces Google’s already overwhealming position in the internet and creates significant barriers to entry for competing app developers and search services.

Currently, Google dominates nearly every segment of the internet value chain. The combined control over Android, Chrome, Search and crutial content service such as YouTube, Google Maps and Gmail puts Google into a virtually unassailable position of dominance. Putting an end to Google’s anti-competitive tying practices is indispensable for competition on every internet market and for maintaining incentives to invest and innovate.

The OIP request that the Commision prohibits Google from continuing its abusive practices concerning Android in order to encourage an open competitive environment in the internet ecosystem

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