The Power of Collaboration: CEPIC joins 70 networks & organisations to support Culture Action Europe’s Joint Initiative

In a remarkable display of collective strength, Culture Action Europe recently embarked on a joint initiative that has already yielded significant results in the quest to secure a fair share for culture in the European Union’s recovery envelope. 

The initiative involved reactivating an informal gathering of over 110 cultural networks, a strategy that had previously proven highly successful in championing the cause of culture in EU policymaking. One of the key concerns addressed in this initiative is the proposed 2024 budget cuts to Creative Europe, a program which is vital for supporting and nurturing the cultural landscape in Europe.

This joint plea, gained an impressive 70 endorsements, marking a crucial step in advocating for the preservation of funding for cultural initiatives. CEPIC is among these organisations.

Encouragingly, during her hearing before the CULT/ITRE Committee of the European Parliament, Commissioner-designate Iliana Ivanova emphasised her opposition to any cuts to Creative Europe, aligning with the collective sentiment of those advocating for cultural funding.

As the next steps unfold, Culture Action Europe are poised to continue their vigilant monitoring. Should the proposed budget cuts remain unchanged, the joint letter will serve as a foundational document to rally support within the European Parliament. The commitment and dedication of these cultural networks, alongside the assurance from Commissioner-designate Iliana Ivanova, provide hope for a positive outcome in securing the necessary funding for culture.

This joint initiative not only highlights the power of collaboration but also underscores the significance of a united cultural front. It showcases the resilience and determination of organisations in safeguarding the future of European culture and creativity.