Universal Images Group Acquires Marka ITEM

December 1, 2022 Universal Images Group Limited (UIG) is delighted to announce it has acquired the Marka ITEM collection, based in Milan, Italy.  The collection will be integrated into UIG’s archive during December and will become immediately available for distribution and licensing through UIG’s extensive global network of licensing partners.

The Marka ITEM collection features subject strengths in European and Italian history; vintage travel and exploring across Europe from the 1920’s through 1960’s; Italian cultural heritage.  Additionally, the well-known editorial archive includes many thousands of images of celebrities, authors, artists, politicians, and sports stars from the mid-to-late 20th century.

The acquisition of Marka enhances the comprehensive historical and contemporary Italian Culture collection at UIG.

About Universal Images Group Limited:

UIG sources, edits and aggregates editorial and commercial photo and video collections for the global content licensing industry.  UIG manages and distributes content from nearly 300 specialist agencies and photographers to a growing, global licensing and merchandizing market of more than one hundred licensing partners.  Presently, UIG manages more than 4 million images with subject strengths in world history, fine art, science, medicine, environmental science, natural history, world religions and cultures, developing world, satellite imagery and more. 

For more information about UIG, please email Dan Russelman at drusselman@universalimagesgroup.com or visit us at www.universalimagesgroup.com