#saveEUculture - Open letter and petition

"It is our responsibility to protect and support the cultural ecosystem and creators all over Europe in order to ensure that they can continue to create culture, during these difficult times and in the future."

CEPIC signed the open letter initiated by Greens/EFA group of the European Parliament and addressed to European Commission and the Member States, demanding support for the Cultural and Creative Sectors and for all cultural professionals, small and medium-sized enterprises and associations, whose very existence is at risk due to Covid-19 situation. 312 Cultural & Authors’ Organisations and 105 MEP support the Open Letter to the EU Commission and the Member States. Stand up for the diversity of European culture!

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Orphan Agencies

A CEPIC member from Germany seeks to pay money to lost partners. Here is the list. 

Can you help? Please write to Sylvie

• Globalphoto, Mr. Prat 

• L'oeil du Sud, Mme Torres

• Urba images, Mr Castro

• AISA Media, Barcelona

• Lonely Planet images, UK




World Press Photo of the Year Announced

Straight Voice
Yasuyoshi Chiba, Japan, Agence France-Presse

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Members and Industry News


In these weeks, when the protection of all our health is rightly at the forefront, we should not forgo positive news and signs of confidence. In this sense, we are especially pleased to present you the brand new website of House of Pictures.

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Dreamstime adds features to help creatives during COVID-19

Dreamstime adds features to help creatives during COVID-19


The agency will also donate part of its sales to the COVID 19 Solidarity Relief Fund

As of last week, the company allows its members to pause plans, invites NGOs to apply for free stock content and creatives to access online tutorials and resources on coronavirus visuals.

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DesignPic interim manager of Masterfile

According to Jim Pickerell in Selling Stock, DesignPics  is now assuming the interim management of Masterfile during the bankruptcy process

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imago images remains available and continues to provide a wide range of images

imago images remains available and continues to provide a wide range of images

Despite the current restrictions on curbing the spread of corona virus, imago images will remain available to all customers and photographers. All departments are staffed and can be contacted daily by phone or email.

Our thanks and appreciation goes to all our partners who have been continuously providing us with image material and we look forward to working with you in the future.

We wish everyone good health and the strength to master this extraordinary situation.

Magnum donates for COVID-19

Magnum photographers will be donating 50% of their proceeds from the Square Print Sale to Médecins Sans Frontières’s COVID-19 emergency response.

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DMLA Announces New Executive Director

DMLA Announces New Executive Director

The Digital Medial Licensing Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Elaine Vitt as Executive Director.

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Several publications such as l'Oeuil de la Photographie, Pictorial and PAN have conducted interviews with industry observers on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the Industry.

Pictorial/ Oliver Hamann Ullstein Bild
Part 1 ("Days are now longer") Part 2 ("Bad for sports press agencies, long term effect fo stock")
Rafael Lanus at the Grosby Group
home working in Barcelona here ...
Franck Colomb of United Archives here .. ,
Jean-Michel Psaila of AbaccaPress here ...


Publishers News


Google ordered to negotiate with publishers to pay for content

The Competition Authority in France has issued an order on April 9th requiring Google to enter into negotiations with press publishers. The Authority gave Google three months to negotiate “in good faith” (de bonne foi) and come up with an agreement that results in payment to publishers. Read more here (in French) ...

This follows on the implementation of Art. 15 of the EU copyright directive into French law and subsequent changes Google made to Google News in an attempt to circumvent the new law.

Google decided that it would no longer display excerpts from articles, photographs, computer graphics and videos within its various services (Google Search, Google News and Discover1) unless the publishers gave it permission to do so free of charge. Read more here ...

The impact of the decision is not limited to France or/and to Press Publishers.

• What happens in France will be mirrored in other EU countries progressively implementing Article 15 of the Copyright Directive. The decision may impact other countries as well (for ex. Canada).

• Art.15-5 provides that contributors of press publishers should be entitled to their fair share. This includes image contributors. In Germany the draft law implementing the Directive proposes that 1/3 of the amount that press publishers can negotiate will be redistributed to contributors. So ultimately, all picture agencies with editorial content might  benefit. 

Read legal commentary here (in English) ...

TechCrunch provides the full story here ...

Full decision (72 p. in French) https://www.autoritedelaconcurrence.fr/sites/default/files/integral_texts/2020-04/20mc01.pdf




USA: Photographer gives up exclusive licensing rights by posting on Instagram

A US Court ruled on April 14th that photographer Stephanie Sinclair had given up exclusive licensing rights by posting on Instagram. Her photograph was embedded in a story on Mashable against her consent after she turned down a fee of $50. She sued and she lost.

This is because, according to U.S. District Court Judge when "Sinclair uploaded the photograph to Instagram and designated it as 'public,' she agreed to allow Mashable, as Instagram’s sublicensee, to embed the photograph in its website".

Read the full story here …  

The contrary decision in Goldman v. Breitbart, also about embedded images in SM, gets only a brief mention. This is because the T&C of each SM site are different as well as the Facts of the case.

"As with the Goldman case, the Sinclair holding is not binding on other courts and does not create a per se rule with respect to the practice of embedding, and each case will likely depend on the specific circumstances presentexplains Lindsay R. Edelstein for DMLA here.

The case was lost on the copyright front but really is a case for competition. A photographer seeking promotion has no other choice than opting for the public mode. Instagram is abusing of its position by forcing into T&C so obviously contrary to the interest of photographers.

Germany: Control Copyright against Upload Filters

Julia Reda, former pirate and Member of the European Parliament until 2019, fierce copyright opponent has started a new project: Control Copyright. In an interview in the German magazine Der Spiegel, she calls "Content Creators" as well as researchers to make themselves known in order to set up "strategic complaints" against the implementation of the Directive.

In this interview she also argues that demonstrations against the Directive have led to a balanced text. "On the one hand, it states that Internet platforms must prevent copyright infringements. On the other hand, it also states that legal content must remain online."

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Coronavirus News


Support visual journalists

The World Press Photo Foundation has pulled resources, funding and grants together for visual journalists covering the COVID-19 crisis.
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EFJ calls on EU and governments to fight the COVID-19 crisis in the media sector

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) calls on national governments, the European Commission and the European Parliament to take action in response to the devastating social and economic impact of the global COVID-19 crisis on the media sector. COVID-19 is spawning a global press-freedom crackdown. In the face of this pandemic, European citizens need professional, economically secure journalists more than ever. 

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Copyright: virus opportunism or fair use?

On March 24, the Internet Archive "Open Library", a non-profit self-described as a “digital library of free and borrowable” content, announced that it was granting itself powers to distribute 1,4 million e-books free to anyone who wants them. Citing the pandemic, it has removed all lending restrictions from its archive so that even if a work is out “on loan”, additional copies will be made available on demand. The “National Emergency Library” action should last until June 30. 
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Mike Holderness, UK journalists association, calls this "virus opportunism" and a clear violation of authors' rights: Read more here ...

IP reporter, Kyle Jahner, wonders if the extension of Access to the 1,4 million book library does not constitute "Fair Use". Read more here ...

Flattening the curve with visual technology

Researchers are using deep learning and computer vision to differentiate between communally spread pneumonia and COVID-19 in patients with respiratory distress.

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29th April: Deadline to respond to the EU consultation on GDPR (free comments)
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