Looking for volunteers!

The success of the 4 March webinar on copyright enforcement revealed the need to develop a code of best practice to regulate the relationship between photographers, agencies and copyright enforcement crawlers.

CEPIC is now setting up a "Best Practice Working Group".

We are looking for up to 6 picture agencies and 3 copyright infringement tracker companies to work together to:

1) Develop a concept for coordination about cases between agencies to avoid false claims

2) Develop a draft for a self-commitment of agencies to employ in legally compliant claim collection schemes only.

3) Develop best practices for fair and credible escalation schemes

4) Develop a suggestion for a „CEPIC Certified Copyright Compliance Program“ seal.

If you are interrested to be in this group, please contact Sylvie Fodor at this email.




Article 17 implementation

German proposal causes concerns

The deadline for implementation of Art.17 establishing a new regime of liability of online content sharing services for creative content uploaded on their platform is the 7th of June.
One month before implementation within the EU is far from being completed: as of today only the Netherlands and Hungary have implemented it. A few countries have a draft implementation text, the large majority has nothing.

The most controversial bill is the German billRead why HERE ...

CEPIC has been actively voicing the views of the image licensing industry.

Coordinated by IFPI - representing global music producers in Brussels - the attached letter against the German implementation proposal of article was sent on 29 April to a number of German MPs and EU officials. It is extremely unusual that Brussels based stakeholders take a stance against a national implementation of a EU Directive. In the present case, stakeholders of the creative industries have found that the German implementation of Article 17 proposal so much distorts the letter and spirit of the EU copyright directive that the step was necessary. The letter is the second one of its kind and was discussed in collaboration with representatives of the German trade associations including BVPA.

• Read the EU stakeholders letter HERE ...

Artificial Intelligence: regulation is coming

• The EU published draft legislation on 21 April.

Europe fit for the Digital Age: Commission proposes new rules and actions for excellence and trust in Artificial Intelligence | Shaping Europe’s digital future (europa.eu)

To enable scientific breakthroughs and to ensure that AI technologies are at the service of all citizens, improving their lives while respecting their rights, the European Commission proposed the first draft Regulation on AI. The draft legislation is only a part of a major European strategy for AI presented by the European Commission in 2018 to address the opportunities and challenges of AI and promoting, at the same time, European values.

• Feedback is now opened until 02 July 2021 on the s opened on the proposal of the EU Commission on AI ! Access the documentation here !

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a fast-evolving and strategic technology with tremendous opportunities. However, some of its uses pose specific significant risks to the application of various EU rules designed to protect fundamental rights, ensure safety and attribute liability.

This initiative will ensure that AI is safe, lawful and in line with EU fundamental rights. The overall goal is to stimulate the uptake of trustworthy AI in the EU economy.

Content ID for images work in progress

After Google and Facebook, Pinterest is now looking into an ID for copyright holders. Although Article 17 is not yet implemented all across the EU, it is clearly having an impact on the platforms approach to copyright.

Through the new Content Claiming process, Pinners will be able to upload images of their IP, which Pinterest will then be able to scan for in other Pins, and take action as defined.

 Read more here ...





German photo market and COVID

Prof. Lars Bauernschmitt conducted his yearly survey on the German picture market. In 2020 the image market as a whole has slumped by a quarter. The interview is in German.

Article- Home - PICTORIAL (pictorial-online.com)

Meanwhile a number of stock celebrities in the stock image business were interviewed for this article. on the fake world of stock photography.

Inside the lucrative world of stock photography (FT)



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25th May CEPIC Webinar - 
The state of the E-Union: Where do we stand with the implementation of Article 17?

7th June: Deadline of implementation of the Eu copyright DSM directive


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