CEPIC stands for the International Association Of The Media Licensing Industry.

CEPIC represents hundreds of visual media licencing companies, picture agencies, images archives, representing hundreds of thousands of photographers, videographers and increasingly synthographers, whose core business is the direct licensing of visual content off-line and online. 

Whether you are seeking to protect your intellectual property, explore new markets, or simply stay at the forefront of industry trends, CEPIC is here to support and empower you. CEPIC members gain access to a wealth of knowledge, industry insights, and networking opportunities that are unparalleled in the field.

Picture Libraries and Agencies license digital asset for all kinds of commercial uses, to newspapers, magazines, advertising, broadcasters, etc. CEPIC members are continuously adaptive towards innovative technology solutions for the growth in digital enterprises and have developed sophisticated digital platforms to both market digital content online and provide digital access to images.

Amongst CEPIC members are global players such as Getty Images, Magnum Photos, and Alamy, fine arts libraries such the Bridgeman Images, historical archives such as Roger-Viollet and AKG Images, news photo syndication such as Le Figaro, news agencies such as Belga, TT or ANP as well as representatives for European trade associations AEAPAF, BAPLA, BLF, SAB, SAPHIR, FNAPPI and SNAPIG. CEPIC’s membership also includes several cutting-edge technology developers, some of them involved in manipulating images with AI driven tools, others in creating/ producing AI generated images.

Current issues: Ethical Artificial Intelligence involving consent and respect for privacy rights, EU copyright harmonization and reform on the Digital Single Market, competition online, image search engines and the closing of the “framing loophole”, reform of collective rights management, respect of metadata, standardisation of image works identifiers.

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