Our members are producers, collectors and distributors of content – moving and still images. They are well versed in dealing with rights issues such as the right to reproduce, moral rights of authors and the global distribution of assets for commercial and non commercial use. Our members have been digitising content since the 1990s, and making the resulting digital asset available for commercial use, such as to newspapers, magazines and broadcasters, off and on-line, as well as in non- commercial environments for the purposes of research and education.

Alongside the need for access comes the need to support the creative economy that produces and delivers this work, namely the artists and those that make their work available. CEPIC’s imperative is to ensure that the creators are the beneficiary of direct payment. We believe that based on its professionalism and IT experience, our industry is in a position to propose solutions to the challenges of the Digital Age.

 The aim of CEPIC is to be a united voice for the press, stock & heritage organisations of Europe in all matters pertaining to the photographic industry, including, but not limited to the following:

(1) To consolidate copyright protection for photography and ensure that it not be weakened by the process of the harmonisation of copyright laws in European countries. Also to advise on copyright protection as new technology develops.

(2) To fight for comparable trade regulations in all European countries.

(3) To support the exchange of information between European picture sources and diverse associations with similar interests worldwide.

(4) To develop and fight for ethical standards which will guarantee the protection of rights for all photographers, copyright holders and agencies.

(5) To develop guidelines for a fair business competition between photographers, picture agencies and users.

CEPIC is registered in Paris at 46 rue de la Mare, 75020 Paris – Registration Nr (SIRET) is 421 723 073 00019.

Offices are situated in Berlin, Germany, Fritschestr. 22, 10585 Berlin (Charlottenburg).