On the path to build trust in online content

Fake media has been making frequent headlines. The battlefield is fairly broad. Readers wanting to get familiar with the subject are faced with numerous initiatives started by publishers, news media, and technology companies. Janos Farkas, CEO of Clink Media, sheds some light on these different initiatives.

Stock Photography’s Historic Earnings Decline For Creators

Many photographers who have entered the stock photo business in the last 5 to 10 years have trouble understanding why photographers who have been producing stock photos since the 1980s and 1990s are so unhappy with how the business had declined. I’d like to provide a little historical perspective.

The EU Directive one Year After – Where Are We Now?

On September 10th CEPIC is organising a webinar to look at the implementation of the two most critical and controversial articles of the EU Copyright Directive: Article 15 (publishers’ right) and Article 17 (creative content distributed by online platforms). Where are we now one year after and why should creatives care?

Dreamstime is taking corporate responsibility one step further

After introducing a series of features for their members during the COVID-19 pandemic and a weekly donation of 5% from all sales to the WHO’s Solidarity Response Fund in March, Dreamstime is now taking corporate responsibility further and adds a relief stimulus for its contributors.

Third survey of the German picture market published

The third survey of the German Picture market has now been published. It took place in February 2020, immediately before the considerable changes in public life in Germany due to the Covid 19 pandemic. For the first time, photographers* as well as picture agencies took part in this annual survey.

Licensable Images Badge

While the debatable presence of images on the Internet goes back to more than ten years ago, since 2013, CEPIC, the center of the picture industry, has been pushing directly at the European Union level the idea that the Internet can’t be a jungle where images are treated like a free commodity. It is exciting to see how Google has been progressing on improving the importance of pictures on the Internet.

Digital Tax – Information – State of Play -

Tax authorities around the world are trying to understand the fundamental drivers of the digital transformation of the global economy, with the aim of ensuring that companies are taxed where value is created. This article is regularly up-dated.