German Client Panel

This seminar will be held in English in Berlin at the Martim ProArte Hotel on Friday, 16th June 2016, 15.45h – 16.45h

Germany is Europe’s largest single stock photo market. Despite a steady decline in overall print runs, there are still more than 1.000 newspapers and magazines being sold at countless news-stands. German advertisers are spending no less than 2 billion Euros every month. Despite these impressive numbers, times are getting tougher for photo agencies. Picture buyers are increasingly outsourcing services while observing their budgets in further decline.

What are the services that clients expect from their image suppliers? What are the trends that photo agencies shouldn’t miss? What distinguishes those agencies that will survive the next chapter of market transformation?

Meet some of the most influential German picture buyers on stage. Speakers: Alexander Karst (Bildbeschaffer), Kerstin Kraus (Heimat Berlin) and Tana Budde (C3 Creative Code and Content).

The one-hour seminar is moderated by Martin Skultety.