About CEPIC Congress

The CEPIC Congress is the largest networking hub for agencies worldwide and will take place in the Convention Center of the Palais des Congrès d’Antibes in Juan les Pins from 10 to 12 May 2023 with the Welcome Reception on 9 May.

All you need to know about the CEPIC Congress

Venue: ANTIPOLIS – Palais des Congrès d’Antibes
Address: 60 Chem. des Sables, 06160 Antibes, France

 Visit the ANTIPOLIS Congress Center here

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Why should I attend the CEPIC Congress?

Save the date and join up to 400 participants from up to 200 agencies from around the globe !

How does the CEPIC Congress work?

CEPIC is all about networking. So to make the most of your participation, you should arrange as many meetings as possible before Congress starts.

After registration and payment, CEPIC will grant you access to a “connect” area for you to contact all registered attendees and arrange your meetings.

For higher visibility and comfort for your meeting, you can add a Table to your registration.

Do you wish to have your own meeting space at CEPIC?

Book a Exhibitor’s Table at the Table Area. More information >

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Why is the CEPIC Congress 2023 taking place in the South of France?

Because it is one of the most beautiful and sunny areas of Europe, full of culture, good food and gorgeous landscapes, and that it has an international airport. The Nice airport is the second airport in France (after Paris).