CEPIC is involved in IP negotiations at European and international level and in technological standardisation in the visual field.

Current issues include

EU copyright harmonization and reform on the Digital Single Market, competition online, image search engines and the closing of the “framing loophole”, reform of collective rights management, respect of metadata, standardisation of image works identifiers.

Involvements with other organisations include:


In this section, you will find current News related to the above fields.

Our position papers, key statements and other resources may be found in the relevant sub-sections or in the Login Member area of the Cepic website. 

Issues -

Celebrating a Decade of Creativity: Creativity Works! 2024-2029 Manifesto

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Creativity Works!, Europe's premier coalition representing vibrant cultural and creative sectors, is celebrating 10 years of fostering creativity and cultural diversity. Their latest manifesto, covering 2024-2029, outlines a bold vision for the future of Europe’s creative industries. With a geographically diverse membership that spans writers, book publishers, music publishers, film producers, broadcasters, and video game companies, this coalition is committed to promoting creativity, enhancing cultural diversity, and protecting intellectual property rights in both physical and digital realms.

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Issues -

CEPIC Advocacy Update: Navigating the AI Act and Ensuring Transparency

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CEPIC has been actively engaged in advocating for transparency and ethical considerations in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In response to the recent agreement on the AI Act, CEPIC recognises the need for careful drafting of the details. Notably, France has emerged as a leading voice in the discussions, prompting CEPIC to address the Interministerial Committee for Artificial Generative Intelligence with a letter dated 12th January 2024.

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Issues -

European Parliament’s report on the implementation of the Geo-blocking regulation: The creative and cultural industries applaud today’s plenary vote

CW! logo

The European Parliament voted for culture today and preserved Europe’s cultural diversity along with consumer welfare. Creativity Works!, Europe’s leading coalition of the creative and cultural industries, welcomes the vote on the ‘Implementation of the 2018 Geoblocking Regulation in the Digital Single Market’ INI report.

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