CEPIC is involved in IP negotiations at European and international level and in technological standardisation in the visual field.

Current issues include

EU copyright harmonization and reform on the Digital Single Market, competition online, image search engines and the closing of the “framing loophole”, reform of collective rights management, respect of metadata, standardisation of image works identifiers.

Involvements with other organisations include:


In this section, you will find current News related to the above fields.

Our position papers, key statements and other resources may be found in the relevant sub-sections or in the Login Member area of the Cepic website. 

Issues -

CEPIC Joins the Content Authenticity Initiative to Champion Trustworthy Visual Content


We are pleased to announce that the International Association of the Visual Media Licensing Industry (CEPIC) has officially joined the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) as a key partner in promoting trust and credibility within the visual content industry. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the efforts to combat misinformation and uphold the integrity of visual media worldwide.

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