IPTC Photo Metadata Conference 2017

© Christian Reister - www.agefotostock.com
© Christian Reister – www.agefotostock.com

An Eye on the Future – How Will Media Search Develop?

Automated Tagging, Visual Recognition and Search Methods of the Future

The 10th IPTC Photo Metadata Conference looks 10 years into the future to discuss the changes taking place in image search, tagging, and retrieval.

The projected benefits of these new automated technologies include increased productivity, increased hit rate and the ability to search visually by colour, texture and shape as well as by subject content. But how well do these methods work in practice across the range of imagery in the marketplace, and how can the new technologies be harnessed most effectively?

With the participation of deep learning experts and vendors of automated tagging and search software, the questions of the day will be thrashed out where it matters –  at the annual Metadata Conference in conjunction with the CEPIC Congress, among the hundreds of image libraries and agencies whose businesses depend critically on media search.

The Conference will be held from 9.30h to 16.30h on Friday, 16th June 2017 at the Maritim ProArte Hotel in Berlin.

from 9.15 to 12.30

  • Opening Speech
  • Auto-Tagging and Visual Search

from 12.30h to 14.00h

AFTERNOON SESSIONS from 14.00h to 16.30h

  • The IPTC Video Metadata Hub:
    The Easy Step From Photo to Video Metadata – Michael Steidl, Manging Director and Video Metadata Lead of IPTC


Venue and Acommodation
The IPTC Photo Metadata Conference is a one-day event held in conjunction with the CEPIC Congress will take place at Berlin city centre at the Maritim proArte Hotel. Click here to book a room at the Maritim proArte Hotel or for more information on accommodation.

Registration: Two Options
1. Should you be registered for the CEPIC Congress please make sure you have ticked the box for attending the Metadata Conference on Friday.
2. Should you want to attend the Metadata Conference only, please note that the participation fee is 100 EUR plus 19% VAT. Please register using this web form.