Antitrust: Commission launches e-commerce sector inquiry

The European Commission has today launched an antitrust competition inquiry into the e-commerce sector in the European Union. The sector inquiry will focus particularly on potential barriers erected by companies to cross-border online trade in goods and services where e-commerce is most widespread such as electronics, clothing and shoes, as well as digital content.

Digital Single Market Strategy: European Commission agrees areas for action

The Juncker Commission has made it a priority to remove these obstacles and create a Digital Single Market: making the EU’s single market freedoms “go digital”, and boosting growth and jobs on our continent. The College of Commissioners today had a first discussion on the Digital Single Market Strategy due in May – and set out the main areas the Commission will focus its work on to trigger real changes for consumers and businesses alike.

Europeana: Next Steps

On 15 November 2009, CEPIC submitted a response to the Europeana questionnaire, at least to some of the questions most relevant to our industry.