Use of content recognition tools for the application of Article 17

The battle over Article 17 continues. New proposals, notably from Germany, call the balance found in the Copyright Directive into question. A recent report to the French government attempts to restore the balance in favour of rights holders and argues that content recognition tools play a central role in this process.

EU Stakeholders write to German government

In an usual move a coalition of EU stakeholders, including CEPIC, have sent the attached joint letter of EU stakeholders, listing their concerns regarding the German implementation draft of article 17.

Creativity Works! welcomes the IP Action Plan

Creativity Works!, a leading European coalition of the creative and cultural sectors, welcomes the 25 November Action Plan on Intellectual Property as a way of “making the most of the EU’s innovative potential”.

Article 17 EC guidelines: letter to EU Commissioner Thierry Breton

Alongside CEPIC’s submission to the Article 17 guidelines consultation, CEPIC has  joined 21 right holders organisations representing a very broad range of media and creative sectors in Europe in a letter to Commissioner Thierry Breton. Signatories raise concerns regarding the European Commission’s proposed guidance on the application of Article 17 of the DSM Directive and express their serious concern that, in … Continued

France: Report on “automated image referencing services”

The report of Professor Pierre Sirinelli on “automated image referencing services” (i.e. image search engines) has been published. The report proposes an update of the French law of July 2016 which imposed a mandatory collective management system on image search engines and whose implementing decree had never been published.

From the usefulness of visual recognition tools to enforce copyright

A recent government report in France has analysed how digital tools may be used for the The protection of intellectual property rights on online sharing platforms. It’s a must read in the context of the implementation of the EU Copyright Directive and of Art. 17.