CEPIC 2024 DAY 1 AI as an Opportunity

Programme may be subject to change until the last minute!

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Coffee will be served all day in the Espace Méditérannée.
Coffee breaks will take place from 10.00 H to 10.45 H in the morning and from 16.00 H to 16.45 H in the GOULD Area, next to the Tables and to the Lounges.
Lunch will be proposed every day between 12.30 H to 14.00 H 

Wednesday 15th May

Programme Day 1 AI as an Opportunity

8:30 18:00 H Registration – Get your Badge and Bags –  is open from 8:30 H
9:00 18:00 H Congress Opens at 9:00 H and closes at 18:00 H

Conference and Workshops, Table Area meeting with content providers and media buyers, lounge area, photo exhibition


09:30 10:15 H What’s next for the creative stock industry?
      Keynote conversation: Craig Peters, CEO of Getty Images interviewed by Emily Shelley, CEO of Alamy and president of CEPIC.
10:15 11:15 H

Conference: Content Monetization in the Age of AI

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      At the CEPIC Conference, the panel “Content Monetization in the Age of AI” offers a forward-thinking discussion on how artists can profit from their work in the age of generative AI. It will address how the emergence of genAI models is reshaping the content licensing industry, offering new opportunities for artists to monetize their skills and talent. This session aims to explore the intersection of artistic talent and technological advancement, offering insights into the new paradigms of stock photography and digital content creation.
      Moderator: Raphaël Richard, CEO of 24PM Academy
      Speakers: Mikayel Khachatryan, CEO of Wirestock James Allworth, head of content at Alamy ; Martin LeBlanc, chief product officer at FREEPIK
11:15 12:00 H Conference: Diversity of Industrial Applications of AI
      Images are data. In AI this provides the potentiality of diversifying usage and revenue. This conference will look into the Diversity of Industrial Applications of AI  

The conference is moderated by Paul Melcher (BRIA)

      Speakers: Isabelle Galy, vice president of Cluster AI ; 

Speakers: Isabelle Galy, vice president of ClusterIA ; Georgi Kadrev, CEO of Imagga ; Stephan Britton, Ethical Intelligence
12:00 12:30 H PITCH presentations
  • Sipa USA
  • SmartFrame
  • Depositphotos EU Limited
  • Wesog Systems
  • Pond 5
The session is organised and moderated by Amos Struck, co-founder of Stockphotos.com.
14:00  15:00  H Conference: How Ethical is AI law?
Exploring the Ethical Dimensions of AI Law around the world

Topics covered: The AI Act and the AI Office , Data Transparency,Is AI copyrightable? Opting out of AI. In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), questions surrounding its ethical implications and legal frameworks are paramount. This seminar delves into the heart of these issues, examining the ethical considerations embedded within AI law and providing a comprehensive update on legislation across the globe.

      The conference is moderated by Marisol Muniz (CEPIC)
      Speakers: Samantha Holman, Vice-President of the IFRRO Board of Directors and CEO of ICLA, Nancy Wolff (legal counsel of DMLA), Stéphanie de Roquefeuil (legal counsel of the UPP), Vered Horesh (Chief Strategic AI Partnerships of BRIA)
15:00 15:30 H Lounge: Ethical Use of AI

In conversation with BRIA


      Lounges are chat corners in the open “Table Area” of the CEPIC Congress.
15:30 16:15 H

Conference: Biases in AI models


      This conference is led by Aurel Wright (Google)
      Auriel will cover how AI models work, where biases can happen, and potential solutions.
16:15 16:30  Continue the conversation in the Google Lounge
      Lounges are chat corners in the open “Table Area” of the CEPIC Congress.
  18:00 H Congress Closes for the day