ANP launches ‘Shutterstock for Dutch image’

The National Image Bank has existed since 2006. Some 3,500 photographers are affiliated, both professionals who offer their Dutch stock image and the better amateurs who like to earn a little extra with their hobby. In 2018, the National Image Bank became part of the national news agency. On Sept. 23, 2022, the National Image Bank will be launched as a marketplace for Dutch stock photos where ANP Foto will continue to focus on news photography.

Isabelle Schippers, manager of the National Image Bank: “There is a need for pure Dutch stock image and many users are willing to pay for it. That image must be priced low and there must be no complicated restrictions on use. From 3 euros per photo we now offer truly Dutch images that may be used both editorially and commercially. The premium images cost 9 euros and photos for which models are used cost 27 euros. Then there is always a model release arranged so that portrait rights are covered.”

“A model release is always arranged so that portrait rights are covered.”

- Isabelle Schippers, manager of the National Image Bank
The ANP specializes in news photography, images with a limited shelf life because what is news today will be archive material next week,” said Martijn Bennis, director of the ANP. “That archive certainly has value, but for many archive images interest disappears over time. The ANP and photographers who work for the ANP also have a lot of image that is very useful as stock image and can continue to be sold for a long time. Buyers want professional images that are well licensed and do not cost too much. This is the market in which companies like Shutterstock have grown. For the Dutch market we want to claim that position with the National Image Bank.

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