Artificial intelligence: a generator of Creation or an accelarator of Precarity for photography?

On 5th September,  the French Ministry of Culture is organising an AI workshop within the conference programme “Culture and Digital Technology: a Permanent Revolution?” presented by the think tank “Think Culture!” at the Pompidou Center in Paris. CEPIC, IMATAG, the Agency VU’, the ADAGP, the Gobelins School, ARCOM  (French public regulatory authority for audiovisual and digital communication).


We are delighted to invite you to attend the workshop on September 5 at 3:45pm at the Centre Georges Pompidou - Paris:

Artificial intelligence: a generator of Creation or an accelarator of Precarity for photography?

Artificial intelligence (AI), or generative intelligence, is at the heart of the public debate. AI offers creators impressive new creative functions, but they also infringe copyright on the images they train on, and the value generated is not shared with them, lastly, augur ill – instability or even disappearance – of certain photography professions. We will take a look at the current state of play and the prospects for regulating this technology.

With Mathieu Desoubeaux, co-founder and Managing Director and/or Thierry Secrétan, News and Media Director of IMATAG, a visual marking and recognition company, Sylvie Fodor, Managing Director of CEPIC – Centre de l’industrie de l’image, Mathilde Penchinat, Corporate Projects Manager and Pierre-Olivier Deschamps, photographer, Agence VU’, Thierry Maillard, Legal Director, ADAGP, Yann Philippe, photographer, retoucher and professor at École des Gobelins, Didier Wang, Head of Innovation and Technology, Department of Studies, Economics and Forecasting, ARCOM.

The workshop will be moderated by Fannie Escoulen, Head of Photography Department, DGCA, Ministry of Culture

It will be introduced by Christopher Miles, Director, Direction générale de la création artistique (DGCA), Ministère de la Culture

In an interactive, hour-long format, you’ll be able to put your questions to the invited experts.

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