BRIA Partners with Getty Images to Transform Visual Content Through Responsible AI

Tel Aviv, Israel – October 25, 2022: BRIA, developer of proprietary AI visual content tools, today announced a strategic partnership agreement with Getty Images (NYSE: GETY), a preeminent global visual content creator and marketplace. The goal is to allow creatives to transform images to their specific needs using intuitive AI tools on Getty Images’ platform.


Through this partnership, BRIA and Getty Images explore collaboration and incorporation opportunities for AI visual content tools. Getty Images will be launching capabilities that will give users access to state of the art, ethical, Generative AI driven features that will expand their creativity and improve efficiency.

“We are proud to partner with Getty Images. Our collaboration will allow for the rapid deployment of AI powered features across their platform, enabling their customers to quickly and easily get to their ideal image no matter what their use case or project”. said Yair Adato, PhD and Co‑Founder & CEO of BRIA. “Our creative tools help marketers to save time and maximize revenues when it comes to creating professional quality digital content.”

“When used responsibly, Generative AI can democratize creativity by reducing the technical and budget entry barriers and increase visual representation in marketing,” said Ravit Dotan, PhD and AI Ethics Expert at BRIA “BRIA is committed to responsible AI, with focus on respecting copyrights, bias mitigation and exploring this unmapped territory with our partners and colleagues.”

“Getty Images has an almost 30‑year history of innovating to help our customers, the global creative community, produce amazing and impactful projects and meaningfully connect with audiences through our efficient, cost‑effective and risk‑free content and services,” said Craig Peters, CEO of Getty Images. “Our partnership with BRIA further demonstrates Getty Images commitment to innovate in support of the creativity of our customers. This partnership and our deployment is also one that we hold to the highest ethical standards and respecting of the intellectual property and personal privacy rights of others.”

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