CEPIC is Gold Sponsor of OnDAM

On Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 November 2021, ACTIVO  will launch the first DAM conference in France and CEPIC is a sponsor.

 In France with a large panel of customers, experts and partners

 In Paris at the heart of brands, agencies, institutions, museums…of the customer experience.

The conference is the first one dedicated at 100% to DAM in France.


November 29 & 30, 2021 at Maison de l’Alsace (on the Champs-Elysées)


  • Tuesday from 8.45 H H to 18.30 H : Conferences & DAM Exhibitions 

Panels will touch on DAM issues, notably:

  • Copyright, images and traceability: what you need to know?Panelists: Sylvie Fodor – CEPIC Executive Director / Mathieu Desoubeaux – CEO Imatag / Lionel Faucher – Innovation Advisor
  • Metadata & AI & DAM: for an advanced search?
    Panelists: Malika Kechich Executive Director Activo / Lionel Faucher Digital Strategy Adviser, Marie Laure Fourt – Brand Heritage Consultant
  • Photo workflow and how to enhance it online?
    Panelists: Mete Zihnioglu Sipa CEO / Celinę Millinder DAM Manager / 
    Eric Catarina - Photographer

 More details here …


 Register before November 19th (it’s free!) to reserve your slot (Scroll down) here …

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