CEPIC Speaker for Congress 2023 AI day – Christophe Ralite

Christophe Ralite is the CEO of PixWays. Pixways, throught PixPalace portal, connects professional photo agencies, collectives and stock illustration distributors with all types of media including magazines, newspapers, websites, advertising and book publishers. PixPalace has become the standard on the French market for professional image research. Pixways helps publications and companies to manage and search in their content, including in their local libraries and other wire services in one click, with PixTech DAM solution. Pixways, throught PixTrakk online service, french leader solution, provides usage tracking services for image content in hundreds of french print publications and millions of websites worldwide. If their photos are being used illegally, PixTrakk provides a legal service which covers bailiff’s reports and recovery costs. In 2023 PixWays launches NFiniTi, in collaboration with BC Magic, the first platform to sell unique photos as NFTs from world-renowned galleries, photo agencies, photographers and events. From early 20th century glass plates to the most contemporary writings, NFiniTi offers a very selective range of NFTs that encompasses the entire history and styles of photography.

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