CEPIC Speaker for Congress 2023 – Stefan Britton

Stefan Britton, Senior Director, New Business and Innovation Solutions Stefan Britton is the Senior Director of New Business and Innovation Solutions at Shutterstock, where he leads the productization and commercial rollout of Shutterstock.AI products and the development of the newly formed Shutterstock.AI brand. Based in London, Stefan has over 20 years experience in the technology industry, 15 of which has been in marketing technology. Over the past five years, he has become a leader in the artificial intelligence space as the Director of Datasine, an AI start-up acquired by Shutterstock in 2021 that uses computer vision to improve the performance of social media advertising, and as the Chief Commercial Officer of Phrase, a world-leading AI copywriting company. Stefan was recognized as the Masterclass Digital Expert of the Year in 2020. He believes that the future of creativity in marketing involves the seamless combination of human creativity and the power of AI and predictive performance to create authentic, imaginative experiences that consumers love. From Digital Beats to AI Masterpieces: Learning from Music’s Digital Evolution for Art’s AI Revolution Join Shutterstock’s Stefan Britton as he explores the connections between the music industry’s digital revolution and the current emergence of AI-generated art. From historical context and technological breakthroughs to artists’ reactions to these game-changing moments, learn what lessons we can apply to the rapidly evolving world of AI content. We will cover the opportunities and challenges of AI in the creative space, with a focus on Shutterstock’s commitment to responsible, ethical innovation.

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Stefan Britton Headshot