CEPIC welcomes Higbee & Associates as its latest member!

The Law Firm of Higbee & Associates is a true full-service copyright law firm that has helped photographers and agencies recover nearly 40 million dollars from infringers. The law firm lets copyright owners keep more of the recovery by eliminating middleman search companies.

Clients of Higbee & Associates get free access to their cutting-edge reverse image search tools which provide deep search results across the internet and social media platforms, such as Instagram. Eliminating middleman search companies means that copyright holders usually double their profit from copyright enforcement.

While some so-called copyright enforcement companies try to settle claims themselves, all claims at Higbee & Associates are handled by the law firm, which typically means a larger percentage of claims get settled and for higher dollar amounts than those obtained by non-law firm options.  

Additionally, the law firm’s technology-driven approach allows it to pursue a large percentage of cases that would be too small for most law firms or enforcement companies. “It all adds up to a much easier and much more profitable experience for copyright holders looking to stop the theft of their images,” says attorney Naomi Sarega.

The law firm’s success and unique approach to copyright enforcement has been profiled in Lawyer Monthly and Fast Company.  Higbee & Associates represents clients from all over the world, but currently only handles claims in the United States.  

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