CEPIC Welcomes Our Newest Member – INQUAM

We are thrilled to announce our newest member to the CEPIC family, the esteemed news photography agency, INQUAM.

Founded in 2013 by Ovidiu Micsik, INQUAM embarked on a remarkable journey with a mission to provide a safe haven for photographers affected by the aftermath of the 2008 crisis.

In a swiftly evolving and challenging news ecosystem, INQUAM helped to deliver fair and reliable visual reporting. They faced the issue of copyright violation head-on with targeted education campaigns, ensuring that the rights of photographers were respected. Simultaneously, they supplied breaking news coverage to major news organizations, both in Romania and on the international stage.

During the recent pandemic, INQUAM Photos extended a helping hand by providing free visual content, both stills and videos, supporting news desks that were stretched thin due to health restrictions. They repeated this compassionate act during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, aiding the humanitarian efforts amid the refugee crisis and helping news outlets combat disinformation.

In 2022, INQUAM made history by publishing its first news photography album, the first one by a news agency in Romania in nearly a decade. In 2023, they launched a copyright campaign, granting small editorial offices nationwide access to photography subscriptions and educating their staff on the proper use of copyrighted material in news pieces.

INQUAM is building its business around the core belief that only a nimble, self-reliant, and unbiased journalistic approach can aid a country in its democratic endeavours. They remain committed to expanding in-depth coverage, including video content, and embracing their role as an independent and ever-present eye-witness.

CEPIC is honoured to welcome INQUAM, an agency that embodies the spirit of responsible journalism and the resilience of photojournalists. We look forward to a collaborative journey that continues to elevate the standards of visual storytelling and reporting.

Stay tuned for more updates and captivating visuals from our new member, INQUAM, as we embark on this exciting partnership.