Google webinar: Image SEO and Licensable Badge

In this webinar, John Mueller, Google’s Search Advocate, will cover Image SEO Best Practices and Google’s Licensable Badge. For the Licensable Badge, John will give an overview of the product and implementation guidelines. There will be time for a Q&A session for the questions submitted in this survey – if you haven’t filled in the survey or have additional questions, please submit them here

  • Duration and content: the session would last for 1 hour, and cover the following content: 
  • Images SEO Best practices (20 mins)
  • Licensable badge (20 mins) 
  • Q&A (15 mins)
  • Buffer (5 mins)

The Google Licensable Badge is a visual indicator that displays on images within Google Image Search results when the image is available for licensing. The badge indicates that the image owner has authorized Google to display the image and that it can be licensed for commercial use through the image owner or a stock image company. The badge is intended to help users quickly identify images that can be used for commercial purposes.

The Google Licensable Badge can be useful for individuals and businesses looking to use images for commercial purposes. By quickly identifying images that are available for licensing, it saves time and effort in the search process and ensures that the image being used is legally obtained. Additionally, the badge helps image owners and stock image companies promote their content and potentially generate revenue through licensing. Overall, the Licensable Badge can be seen as a helpful tool for those in need of licensed images.

Register to the Event here (opens at 6 PM on 02.02.2023)


More information on the Licensable Badge on the CEPIC website

Launch of the Licensable Badge (19.02.2020)

Alamy supports Google development team with the implementation of image rights metadata.

The image rights metadata framework through and IPTC now covers copyright fields.

We are happy to announce that Google has launched a new licensable badge on Google Images, in addition to other related features and metadata.

Approaching the launch of the licensable image badge CEPIC members should be aware that a more robust structured data ( validation tool (Rich Results Testing Tool) is now available.

The feedback to the Beta launch the “Licensable Images Badge” has been overall positive. Amongst comments received:
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Google Licensable Badge