IPTC Sport Schema 1.0: Revolutionising Sports Data

The IPTC Sports Content Working Group introduces IPTC Sport Schema version 1.0, a groundbreaking standard for sports data management.

This new schema, replacing SportsML, adopts a data-centric approach, offering up-to-date formats, easy querying, and support for emerging trends like e-sports.

Key Features:

  • RDF Representation: IPTC Sport Schema uses W3C’s RDF, allowing versatile representation of data.
  • SPARQL Querying: Seamlessly integrates with semantic web standards using W3C’s SPARQL.
  • Rendered Formats: Easily convert between XML, JSON, and Turtle formats using tools like Apache Jena.
  • User-Friendly: Familiar with users of SportsML, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity.


For More Information:

  • Visit iptc.org for tools, resources, and use cases
  • Interested in implementation? Contact IPTC here


CEPIC has been a proud IPTC member since 2005 and a founding member of the Photo Metadata Group, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey of data innovation.

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