picturemaxx becomes a CEPIC member

Munich/Brussels, March 1, 2023

picturemaxx AG, a market-leading software and technology company headquartered in Munich, has joined the International Association of the Media Licensing Industry, CEPIC, as an “Associated Member”. Headquartered in Brussels, the association represents hundreds of stock agencies and archives whose core business is the direct licensing of visual content.

Thomas Maeling, CEO of picturemaxx AG:

CEPIC stands for the cross-national representation of the interests of the picture industry with the aim of actively shaping and improving the frame-work conditions of its members. The association also offers the annual Cepic Congress, currently the most significant networking event for picturemaxx on the international stage.

CEPIC president, Christina Vaughan:

We are very pleased that picturemaxx, an acclaimed technology provider, has become an Associate Member. This not only underlines the interna-tional relevance of CEPIC as a global Trade Association but having such an esteemed agency as part of our membership, helps to elevate our message and voice in the wider public arena. We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding partnership.”